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Bridal showers have come a long way in recent years. With good planning and the help of a few friends, this day can be made to be a very fun and memorable day for the bride-to-be.

Who to Invite ?

  • mothers, future "mother in law", stepmothers
  • grandmothers of the bride and groom
  • sisters of the bride and groom
  • nieces
  • maid / matron of honor
  • bridesmaid, flower girls, junior bridesmaid
  • close friends of the bride
  • any women that are invited to the wedding
  • the groom and fathers of the bride and groom

- If most of your guests don't know each other, you'll want to have name tags. Try not to use pins because people don't want to ruin their clothes. You could use stickers.

Invitation Ideas

Unless the sky is the limit as far as the bridal shower budget is concerned, the bridal shower invitations do not need to break the bank. Some cheaper alternatives to having custom printed invitations made could be as follows:

  • create your own custom designed invitations using graphic
    programs on your computer. print to card stock paper.
  • find an appropriate photograph of the bride to be, make
    copies and use the back side to write out the invitation.
    mail in an envelope.
  • check local department stores for pre printed invitations and envelopes.

- Enclose a map with directions to the wedding shower.
- Include a list of Bridal Registries that the bride is registered with. This way guests will know what the bride-to-be would like for gift ideas.
- In the invitations, ask each guest to bring a kitchen gadget as a gift that starts with the first letter of their first name (be creative the item does not need to be a kitchen gadget). At the party, have the guests introduce themselves with the item.

Door Prize Ideas

  • candles
  • wine
  • movie passes
  • gift certificates
    • merchandise
    • restaurants
  • crafts
  • soap basket
shower prizes

Shower Games and Downloads

Bridal Shower Word Find

Print this classic word find game and make multiple copies to distribute to all of the guests.
Guests must find and circle all 12 words. The first person with all hidden words circled wins a prize.
(you will need to supply pencils for this game as well)
Free Download:  click to print in PDF format  Adobe Acrobat PDF  /  Microsoft Word Format  MS Word

Bridal Shower Cross Word

Print this classic easy cross word game and make multiple copies to distribute to all of the guests.
Guests must complete all 11 words. The first person done wins a prize or set a time limit.
(you will need to supply pencils for this game as well)
Free Download:  click to print in PDF format  Adobe Acrobat PDF  /  Microsoft Word Format  MS Word

Bridal Scrabble

Print our version of Bridal scramble with a wedding theme. Hand them to your guests. Everyone gets 10 minutes to unscramble them, the person with the most unscrambled wins.
(you will need to supply pencils for this game as well)
Free Download:  click to print in PDF format  Adobe Acrobat PDF  /  Microsoft Word Format  MS Word

Trivia Game

Write down 10 questions about the bride and groom. The questions could be multiple choice, true or false or just any questions. This is to see how well they know the bride and groom. The one with the most questions right wins a prize like dinner for two or movie passes. Some questions could be : Where did they meet? What is there most favorite restaurant?


This one is a favorite for bridal shower games. Separate your guests into 2 teams. Have everyone write down movie titles or shows on a piece of paper. Each team chooses a person to act out the charade and they draw from the opposing teams list of movie titles. Your team must guess what the title is as the opposite team silently acts out the clues. You take turns keeping track of how many they get correct. The one with the most correct guesses wins. You could also write down things the bride and groom like to do or their favorite movies or food.

Party Crasher

Someone from the wedding party picks a friend, someone that the bride and her family does not know. Have that friend come in with a gift and set it down and sit at a table. Who ever picked her friend asks the brides-to-be mother or a family member, who is she? This will start to get everyone talking and asking about this lady.Then to break the ice with everyone you get everyone to say there name and their relationship to the bride-to-be. When it gets to the mysterious guest she stands up and get all flustered and says " I am sorry I must be at the wrong shower. Then as she leaves she dumps her purse all over the floor. People will try to help her pick up her things and then talk about what they saw in her purse. When she is gone, just say that the mysterious guest was staged and now you have to write down everything she had in her purse. The one who gets the most right wins a prize. The purse should consist of things like duct tape. cork screw, mens underwear, or anything that stands out. Your guests will laugh about it forever.

Pre-Addressed Envelope Door Prize Game

As guests arrive hand them an envelope and asked them to write down their address on it, then it's put in a basket. One envelope is drawn, and the winning guest receives a prize. Then the envelopes, (already addressed) along with the thank you cards are given to the bride-to-be. This makes it very easy for the bride to send out the thank you cards.

What's The Bride Wearing Game

Everyone gets a piece of paper and pen. During the shower the bride-to-be is asked to leave the room.Everyone must write down what the bride-to-be is wearing. After a few minutes the bride-to-be is asked back into the room and the one with the closest description wins.

The Clothespin Game

The person putting on the shower buys a bag of clothespins. Each guest receives one when they arrive. Then you tell your guests that they are forbidden to say a particular word. For example the grooms "name" or the word "bride". If another guest catches you saying the forbidden word, they get your clothespin. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the game receives a prize. Another popular version is that you can not cross your legs at any time. If you are caught you loose a clothespin.

The Alphabet Game

The host starts with a sentence using the letter "A" to describe a food. In the sentence she describes that she went to a friend's house and she served artichokes. The next guest must repeat this sentence and add another item of food at the end of the sentence, and it starts with the letter "B". The next guest does the same thing and adds a food starting with the letter "C". Anyone unable to add a food must drop out of the game. The person who stays alive the longest wins the prize.

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